Teachers’ Resources

Educator’s Toolkit

The Educator’s Toolkit has been designed to use the film – A Reef Reborn and the story of Cabo Pulmo to offer educators tools that may be adapted to enrich their lessons at different grade levels, educational subjects and programs. The aim of these materials is to deepen our understanding of human impacts on marine ecosystems and provide the compelling story of A Reef Reborn to inspire students across a broad swath of learning programs.

Part 1 of the Educator’s Toolkit may be downloaded here
Part 2 of the Educator’s Toolkit may be downloaded here


Teachers’ Lesson Plans

Mar Vivo Teacher’s Lesson Plans offer teachers a series of lessons on the main issues related to the environmental processes, human impact and the values of the coastal ecosystems. What happened to the Cabo Pulmo reefs and how did they recuperate. Each lesson is related to a target Grade level and has a structured learning activity. Teachers can supplement the activities with tools from the Mar Vivo Educators’ Guide.

The full Mar Vivo Teachers’ Lesson Plans will be available mid May, 2016,  the Spanish lesson plan’s work in progress is available here.